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Monday, January 7, 2013

December 2012 Birchbox Review

Sorry this post is sooo late! I got my box forever ago but I have been struggling with some motivation issues and some personal issues lately. Things are pretty much back to normal now, though! I figure this month is still worth posting because it seems to me that when a new box is about to come out people look up reviews for the past month, too. Or at least I do! It's also kind of good that this post is late because I got more of a chance to try the products, so it's not just a first impression sort of thing.

I was a pretty big fan of my box this month! I found a use for every product. Of course, the first thing I grabbed when I opened the box was the Chuao ChocoPod in Salted Chocolate Crunch.
The picture on the package did NOT look appetizing...chocolate drizzled bread?? But I was very curious, and WOW. It was delicious. It didn't taste like bread at all, and the saltiness made the chocolate taste that much better. I loved it.
The Aerie fragrance looked really cute, but the smell just wasn't for me. I was disappointed because I wanted to like it, since it was so cute and I shop at Aerie and it would probably be more affordable than some other perfumes, but it was just a little too strong for me. I look fruity or clean scents, and this one is sort of strong and sexy to me.

The Mox Botanicals lip butter and the Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo were two very useful products. The lip butter is very smooth and hydrating and smells great. I probably won't purchase the full size though, since I don't like the sort of tubs you have to stick your finger in. It's a bit out of my price range for a lip butter, as well. The clarifying shampoo was nice, but it drove me nuts how it doesn't really lather. It was kind of sticky and thick, and didn't spread well throughout my long hair. It works well though, I have to say, and my hair felt cleaner and thicker when I was done with it. I've been using it on my face as well. I don't think I'll be spending $32 on the full size, though.

My absolute favorite thing in this box was the Eyeko skinny liquid liner. I was a little hesitant about it at first since the color I got was Olive. I thought I'd look terrible in green! Fortunately, it isn't as green as it looks online. It almost looks black on, and no one has said anything about the color when I wear it. I think I'm going to do a whole separate post with swatches. I am ecstatic that I got this! Finds like this one are the reason I joined Birchbox, and they are what keep me coming back for more. What did you guys get? Were you as happy with your box as I was with mine?

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