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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I love the cat eye look, but I rarely even attempt using liquid liner because I am terrible at using it. I've looked up so many videos on how to apply it but when I get down to it, my eyes always twitch and then I end up with a big inky mess around my eye. Then I received this Eyeko liner in my Birchbox. Instead of being a brush or sponge dipped in a bottle of inky product, it's more like a felt tipped marker. It makes application a thousand times easier for someone as messy as me.
At first, I was disappointed to see I had received Olive instead of a more wearable color like black or navy. Who even wears green eyeliner? Now I do! It doesn't look neon green or anything when wearing it. It's such a dark green that I'm pretty sure most people think it's black. But the green makes my blue eyes look much better than black ever did.
Now I wear eyeliner in an everyday setting instead of only on special occasions when I have much more time to get ready. Now I can draw on my cat eye without creating a messy glob that has to be redone 4 or more times. Plus, this eyeliner stays on VERY well. You can rub it and it doesn't budge. It will stay on all night, and probably the whole next day as well. I am very impressed with this product. I want one in every color and I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you can't stand messy liquid liner.

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