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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Break

So this weekend was our "fall break" which actually just means there were no classes Friday so I came home for the weekend :) I took my sister and her friend downtown and we ate at a little cafe and shopped in this super old, stuffy bookstore. I remembered the bookstore from when we were kids; our mom used to always drag us in there. All these years later, the same guy works there and it seems even more full of books. There are tons and tons of shelves stuffed with old books, and even a few new ones. I bought 3 books for about $2, something that is impossible at Books-A-Million. Also discovered a store that sells sort of a mix of everything--candles, jewelry, a few tops. I bought a large crew neck top even though it's sorta big. I'll make it work ;) anyway, here's some pics (I took my fisheye to waste some film).

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