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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hair Trend: The Sock Bun

The hardest part of fall/winter for me is figuring out what to do with my hair every day. My hair is long, and I hate the feeling of dry, damaged hair that has been curled and straightened much too often. I am a typical lazy college student, so it's not like I have lots of time to do elaborate hairstyles. I have recently discovered the sock bun, and it is a solution to all of those hair problems.

I always wondered how ballerinas got those perfect looking buns. Then I came across a "hair donut" in Claire's, and it hit me. I looked up some youtube videos and discovered that all you had to do was roll your hair using a "donut" or a sock (that's why they're called "sock buns") and you could have a sleek, cute ballerina bun. I love it! It's a very quick and easy, yet professional look. It can look pretty with a comfy, sporty outfit, or chic with office wear. Days when I wake up late but still want to look good, I will be putting my hair in a sock bun. What do you think?

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